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United Methodist Separation Protocol

Free eBook to Help Your Church

Since the United Methodist Church continues to be divided, they came to the realization a formal separation agreement was needed and in early January 2020 the UMC announced the Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace through Separation. But what does that mean for your church? Whether you are staying with the Church, leaving the denomination or want to become independent, there is a lot to consider when making the decision, which is why Dalton & Tomich created this eBook to help break down and understand your options.

Watch: Interview with eBook Author Daniel Dalton About the Proposed Separation Plan and Your Church

As attorneys who have represented hundreds of local churches in property disputes within the Methodist, Episcopal and Presbyterian USA denominations, we can attest that if your local church does not have a conversation about their future and does not have a clear understanding of where they wish to end up – prior to actual separation – they will likely flounder and lose members and property.

Take the time and the steps now to prepare to stay or leave, consult with professionals familiar with this issue to find out what you should do next in the life of your Church. The attorneys at Dalton & Tomich understand deciding the future of your church is not a small decision. We stand ready to work with you and will provide advice and guidance based on our experience.

While the eBook will not answer all of your questions and should not be interpreted as providing legal advice, we hope you find it helpful as your local church embarks on a new journey.

Please do not hesitate to email Daniel P. Dalton directly at ddalton@daltontomich.com or call 313.859.6000 to get answers to your questions.

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