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The early stages of a startup company are fast-paced, exciting and sometimes chaotic. There are almost always more questions than answers. As the founder of a new company, you’re likely working with limited resources and making daily, even hourly, decisions on where to allocate those finite dollars.

As a savvy entrepreneur, you’ve recognized early on that a solid legal foundation is a crucial component of your startup’s business plan. You know there’s more to it than printing cookie cutter legal document forms from a website, but the last thing you want to worry about is fees tied to unexpected “billable hours” from the law firm.

Flat-fee Legal Services for Startups
To help entrepreneurs like you manage cash flow in Year 1, obtain high quality legal documents and secure expert counsel without any budget surprises down the road, Dalton & Tomich, PLC offers the flat rate Small Business Startup Package.

For growing companies with more complex legal needs, we offer the Small Business Startup and Small Business Growth Packages. Low monthly payments are scheduled in advance to give you one less bill to worry about as you turn your small business into something big.

Small Business Startup Package

$175 per month for 12 months

Startup Documents (package includes all of the following)

  • Incorporation/Organization of Company
  • Bylaws/Operating Agreement
  • Subscription Agreement
  • Employer Identification Number

Also included are four one-hour conferences per year plus package-exclusive flat rates on additional documents.

Small Business Growth Package

$300 per month for 12 months

Basic Business Legal Documents (package includes three of the following)

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Employment Agreement
  •  Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Master Service Agreement
  • Terms of Use
  • License Agreement
  • Basic Lease
  • Privacy Policy
  • Social Media Policy

Also included are six one-hour conferences per year plus package-exclusive flat rates on additional documents.

Other Small Business Documents
Other basic documents available at a flat rate exclusive to clients with one of the above packages include:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Employment Agreement
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Master Service Agreement
  • Terms of Use
  • License Agreement
  • Basic Lease
  • Privacy Policy
  • Social Media Policy

The Fine Print
Small Business Startup Package and Small Business Growth Package are available to new Dalton & Tomich, PLC clients only. Any filing and litigation fees are not included. Fees must be subscribed to via credit card. Call us at 313.859.6000 today for details.

We can help you meet your goals.

The attorneys of Dalton & Tomich, PLC have the experience and the knowledge to work with you to develop a legal solution that helps you accomplish your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Of course. Contact us, and we will create an hourly fee agreement and begin working with you on that basis.

Yes. We can meet you at any stage of your business development, including a reboot or entity change, if that is what you would like.

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