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Employment Issues

A business’ most valuable asset is its employees. And like any asset, employees should be properly managed so a company can maximize their contribution to its goals.

That requires a carefully crafted plan and set of employment policies. The attorneys of Dalton & Tomich, PLC have collaborated with the leaders of small and midsize companies in the Detroit area and throughout the state of Michigan to prepare these policies and address the myriad employment issues that can arise for any business. This includes advising and consulting on employment matters such as:

  • drafting employment agreements
  • drafting independent contractor agreements
  • drafting employment handbooks
  • writing employment policies
  • addressing employee discipline and terminations

In today’s changing world, these policies are more important than ever. Employers should review policies from time to time, especially after a change in administration or changes in the law. Policies that were once appropriate may now be outdated and require rewriting or simple updates to ensure they still support the needs and goals of the businesses.

We can help you meet your goals.

The attorneys of Dalton & Tomich, PLC have the experience and the knowledge to work with you to develop a legal solution that helps you accomplish your goals.

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