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Buy Sell Agreements

The business attorneys of Dalton & Tomich, PLC are experts in crafting the many legal documents that successful businesses need to function efficiently and effectively. One of the most important of these documents is the Buy Sell Agreement.

Also known as a Shareholder Agreement, a Buy Sell Agreement is a key document among shareholders or members of an LLC. These Agreements serve many functions, including:

  • describing the rights and obligations of shareholders and future investors
  • describing privileges and protections of shareholders
  • setting forth voting agreements
  • establishing dissolution provisions and rights
  • managing deadlock among shareholders of closely held companies
  • dictating how a business’ assets are assigned in the event of death, disability or divorce of a shareholder
  • providing a mechanism for buyout of shares

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Frequently Asked Questions:

When a company is starting, its shareholders are often not thinking about the difficult decisions that would need to be made in the event of a deadlock in decision-making when investors want to invest, or when the company is acquired. It is best to address these difficult issues, preserve rights of founding shareholders, and get agreement at the outset when the initial parties are getting along.

Yes. When a closely held company is owned by family members, there are heightened levels of complication. There are so many relationships and often unstated expectations between family members that can cause conflict and blur the roles within a company.

Yes. A buy sell agreement can assist in creating a smooth transition during some of the most disruptive events of a business life cycle, including death of an owner. It can also establish the taxable value of the business assets so as to avoid surprise estate taxes at the time of passing.

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Aug 5
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