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Starting a new business is exciting. The attorneys of Dalton & Tomich, PLC embrace the entrepreneurial spirit of the startup business and enjoy helping new ventures get off the ground.

In the midst of all that excitement, the most successful entrepreneurs we have worked with have recognized that sound legal footing provides a strong foundation for growth.

Business formation is the first necessary step in this crucial legal process. Choosing the right business structure for your small business and ensuring the ancillary startup documents are created by experienced professionals is critical to your long-term success. The attorneys of Dalton & Tomich, PLC bring decades of experience to entrepreneurs at this important juncture.

We will collaborate with you to determine which business structure will best serve your needs, protect your assets and meet the future goals of your company. Our startup attorneys are efficient and effective in helping you make the decisions that will help your business thrive.

Dalton & Tomich, PLC offers flat fee packaged legal services for startups to help entrepreneurs like you manage cash flow and conserve resources. We offer this fee structure because we understand the unique challenges facing today’s startup businesses. This is an option that you will not find at many other firms.

We can help you meet your goals.

The attorneys of Dalton & Tomich, PLC have the experience and the knowledge to work with you to develop a legal solution that helps you accomplish your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Making the right decision as to which business entity to choose can have far-reaching consequences for your entire business. We can help you make the best decision for your unique needs. We will also ensure that your documents are drafted so as to protect you from potential problems down the road.

All of our work is done by attorneys. In order to ensure the highest quality work, our attorneys handle everything from your first meeting or phone call all the way to proofreading your documents.

While this question is important to everyone, it is even more critical to startups. Simply put, we know firsthand the financial investment necessary to start a business. With that in mind, we will work with the budget you give us. As leaders in this area of law, we even offer special flat fee packages for startups.

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