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Amending Governing Documents, Including Bylaws and Operating Agreements

The details matter when it comes to running a business. And so does the paperwork.

We advise all new companies and corporations to carefully think about, draft and adopt initial documents such as bylaws or an operating agreement to govern the company. Sometimes this is completed, while other times it slips through the cracks. Sometimes the documents are drafted, but never signed. And other times, they are drafted and adopted but the documents do not really serve the company’s purpose, fail to reflect its values, or just become outdated with the arrival or departure of new shareholders or members.

When these situations arise, we recommend taking another look at these originating documents, and conducting a comprehensive review to amend the documents so that they reflect how the company actually operates.

A comprehensive review of a company’s bylaws or operating agreement can reveal a number of vulnerabilities that are often easily addressed in a revision. These include unintended consequences in the event of death or disability of a key shareholder or officer and unreasonable quorum or voting requirements in the event the company is seeking to make changes within.

The attorneys of Dalton & Tomich have collaborated with many companies to craft and revise initial governing documents that lay the framework for a successful future.

We can help you meet your goals.

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