Appellate and Constitutional Law Attorneys

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Appellate and Constitutional Law

The appellate attorneys at Dalton & Tomich have represented a wide variety of clients in appellate courts across the country. They have successfully argued appeals in federal circuit courts of appeal as well as in the state appellate courts of Michigan and Illinois. They have handled many civil appeals involving a variety of constitutional, statutory, and regulatory issues. The team also has experience in election law matters.

Attorneys Daniel Dalton and Noel Sterett are also admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court and have experience drafting petitions for writs of certiorari and Supreme Court briefs.

By partnering with Dalton & Tomich for your appeal or constitutional law matter, you’ll access the level of knowledge and experience you might expect from a large firm at a rate that is only possible in a smaller firm like ours. Our clients are consistently pleased with the level of service and high quality of counsel they receive.

Based on their extensive appellate court experience, they can help you:


unjust trial court decisions


trial court victories


Civil liberties


You through the complex process of civil appeals in both state and federal courts