FAQs - Land Use - Dalton & Tomich


Every municipality handles land use issues differently. After reviewing your project and the procedures used by your municipality, we will be able to provide you with an estimated cost so that you can factor this into your budget and construction timeline.

Each city is unique and has different rules and regulations about timing. Some take a few weeks and others take several years. Before we start the process of rezoning, we will review the proposed timeline with you to make sure it meets your timing with land purchase options or other client specific timing issues.

You have several options. First, you can go back to the drawing board and prepare a new site plan that may be more acceptable to the planning commission. Second, you can challenge the decision in court if you have viable constitutional claims. Third, you can appeal the decision, in some cases, to the Zoning Board of Appeals if your community allows it.

While you certainly have the option to pursue land use and zoning approval on your own, hiring an attorney is almost always advisable. If you are denied, any court challenge will be restricted to the record developed at the local level. Without an experienced attorney, you could be waiving future arguments.

Yes, we will attend meetings of your local planning commission, zoning board, or other decision-making body and speak on your behalf. An attorney is often invaluable at these types of proceedings. We will also advise you of when it is likely that our presence will be helpful to you.