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Riparian Rights and the Laws Governing Access to Michigan Waterbodies

Do you own or plan to purchase property on or near a Michigan lake or other waterbody? Are you concerned about others using your property to access the water without your permission? Or would you like to legally access the water using someone else’s property? The guide available on this page will help answer these and other questions regarding lake access, easements and riparian rights. Call us today (313) 859-6000!

What laws govern access to Michigan lakes and other bodies of water?

The laws that grant these rights are complicated. Disputes and confusion between neighboring property owners are common. To help you better understand these laws and assist you in navigating the legal options surrounding easements and access, we created a free downloadable resource called “Easements, Access and Riparian Rights: A Guide to the Laws Governing Access to Michigan’s Lakes, Streams and Waterways.”

Your free guide to easements, lake Access and riparian rights.

The guide will give you a better understanding of your property rights—whether you own or plan to purchase property on or near a lake or other waterbody. Specifically, you will learn the significance of owning land that touches a waterbody, as opposed to being near one. And you will learn how you can legally access a lake or other waterbody using another person’s private property.

Should I get an easement?

An easement is the right to use land owned by another party for a specified purpose, in this case, to access a lake or other body of water. The guide explains what easements can accomplish in this regard and will help you determine when it might be helpful to work with an attorney to secure one. It also explains the different types of easements and processes by which they can be granted.

We can help you resolve your lake access and riparian rights issues.

We hope you find the guide to be a useful resource. The attorneys of Dalton & Tomich, PLC recognize how important access to Michigan’s lakes and rivers is to property owners throughout the state. We help clients across Michigan secure easements and defend and exercise the riparian rights that govern access to our beautiful lakes and other waterbodies.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you in resolving your lake access, easement or other riparian rights issue. Please call (313) 859-6000 or email the authors with questions.

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