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Four Things to Know About Illinois Zoning

Written by Noel Sterett on December 5, 2019 Category: Dalton & Tomich Videos, Illinois Land Use and Zoning, Land Use and Zoning

In Illinois, zoning has become one of the most important considerations for any business or organization with plans to relocate, expand or develop a property. In this video, Illinois land use and zoning attorney Noel Sterett shares four things that everyone needs to know about zoning prior to buying, developing or expanding a property in Chicago or elsewhere in the Illinois.

In cities across Illinois, zoning ordinances regulate everything from what activities are permitted on a property to how much parking is required and from the size of buildings to the amount of open space that has to be preserved. Some ordinances even regulate how buildings may look and how much landscaping is required.

Noel discusses the Illinois zoning approval process, provisions, ordinances, applications and reviews. He also covers the role of the zoning administrator, planning commission, city council or county board and the zoning board of appeals.

Other Illinois zoning topics covered include the importance of developing community support and the opportunity to challenge zoning decisions.

Feel free to contact Noel with any questions about Illinois zoning at 815.986.8050 or click here.

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