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A five-step plan to protect the local Methodist church

Written by Daniel P. Dalton on October 15, 2017 Category: Church Property Disputes/Denominational Splits

The professionals at Dalton & Tomich PLC have been helping local congregations leaving mainline denominations – Episcopal, Presbyterian and yes, Methodist – over the past decade and we know what successful local churches have done to prepare themselves should they find that they need to depart from the denomination.

What can you do?

We have prepared a whitepaper identifying the five things local Churches must do now to prepare for the change in the denomination.  This paper is based on the current trends we see in the law and the tactics that successful local churches have used to leave the denomination.  While the local Church does not need to make a decision to immediately leave the denomination, it should prepare itself by taking the necessary steps outlined in the white paper to maintain control over its destiny should it find itself in the unenviable place of having to decide if it needs to stay or eave the denomination.

Please contact Daniel Dalton at ddalton@daltontomich.com  and type in the subject line, “Send me the whitepaper.” I will forward the paper to you within 24 hours.

Our video on challenging a trust clause in a church property dispute may be another helpful resource.

Free Guide: Leaving the Methodist Church

We  developed this free guide to answer many of your questions about leaving the United Methodist Church. Let the attorneys of Dalton & Tomich, PLC help you lead your congregation to a new beginning.

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