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Fishing, Swimming and Docking Rights at Inland Michigan Lakes

Written by Adel Nucho on September 10, 2019 Category: Dalton & Tomich Videos, Easements and Riparian Rights, Water Access

Do you own or plan to purchase property near a Michigan lake?

If you have concerns about others using your property to access the water without your permission, our free guide to Easements, Access and Riparian rights may be a valuable resource.

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In addition to the four great lakes that border the state, Michigan has more than 11,000 inland lakes.

Let’s say you own property in a subdivision that has one of Michigan’s 11,000 inland lakes in it. You might be wondering:

  • What are my rights in relation to the lake?
  • What about my neighbors’ rights?
  • Who can use the water for swimming and fishing?
  • Who has the right to install a dock or permanently anchor a boat off shore?

These are some of the questions property owners frequently ask about their riparian rights.

In this video, Dalton & Tomich, PLC law clerk Adel Nucho explains the three things you should keep in mind as you seek the answer to these riparian rights questions:  Location of Your Property, Plat Dedication Language and Government Regulations.

For legal assistance protecting your riparian rights, contact a Dalton & Tomich, PLC attorney at 313.859.6000.

Other riparian rights related videos that you may find helpful include Riparian Rights of Michigan’s Waterfront Property Owners and What is an Easement?

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