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Dalton Tomich Files a New Lawsuit Based on Witness Retaliation

Written by Daniel P. Dalton on November 27, 2010 Category: Civil Litigation, Firm News

As reported in today’s Detroit Free Press, Dalton & Tomich filed a new lawsuit yesterday arising out of Worth Township retaliating against its former chair of the Zoning Board of Appeals who testified against the Township as a subpoenaed witness in the landmark case of Paeth v. Worth Township.

At issue in Gilbert v. Worth Township is the heavy handed tactics of the Township administration who is angered over facing nearly one million dollars in a judgment, attorney fees and interest based on the unconstitutional behavior of the Township Clerk and its former building and zoning official. The Township does not have insurance to cover the judgment, which requires it to assess all of the property owners to pay for the jury verdict, interest and attorney fees.

The new case raises important issues concerning the Township who is persecuting a volunteer who truthfully testified, under subpoena, at trial resulting in the local government now trying to take away the witnesses livelihood. Future updates will be posted.

Regards, Dan

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