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Dalton & Tomich, PLC appointed legal counsel to the Wesleyan Covenant Association

Written by Admin on December 5, 2016 Category: Firm News

The law firm of Dalton & Tomich PLC is pleased to announce that it has been appointed legal counsel to the Wesleyan Covenant Association (“WCA”). Meeting in Chicago, Illinois, on Friday, October 7, 2016, over 1,800 people affirmed and approved the creation of the Wesleyan Covenant Association. The association is a coalition of congregations, clergy, and laity from across The United Methodist Church, committed to promoting ministry that combines a high view of Scripture, Wesleyan vitality, orthodox theology, and Holy Spirit empowerment. The group has come together to support, network, and encourage one another as the uncertain future of The United Methodist Church comes into clearer focus.

“In these times of great uncertainty about the future of The United Methodist Church, we believe it is important for orthodox congregations, clergy, and laity to work together, to support one another, and to encourage each other,” said a group of 40 United Methodist pastors, theologians, and lay persons in a statement that announces the creation of the Wesleyan Covenant Association (WCA). “We long for a church committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the last, the least, and the lost.”

“The Wesleyan Covenant Association represents the very best of our warm-hearted theology and action-oriented spirituality, and will provide support, encouragement, and resourcing for like-minded and like-hearted United Methodists,” said the Rev. Jeff Greenway, lead pastor of Reynoldsburg (Ohio) United Methodist Church. “During these turbulent times in our denomination, I find this association to be a source of encouragement and hope.”

The WCA is being launched as a member-based network of United Methodist congregations, clergy, and laity to provide “the encouragement we need to stay committed to our rich heritage while standing firm on the non-negotiables that make The United Methodist Church a vital contributor to the Body of Christ,” said the Rev. Carolyn Moore, senior pastor of Mosaic United Methodist Church in Evans, Georgia.

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