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With all of the uncertainty in the United Methodist Church right now, the Crossroads Survey is a practical tool to help UM clergy and leaders like you gain immediate insight into your congregation’s views of the key issues at the center of upcoming denominational changes.


You may not be ready to start the official, legal process of leaving the denomination. Part of the reason for your hesitation is probably the unknown factor how that decision could impact your congregation, especially related to attendance and financial support.

You don’t want to call for a congregational vote, but you’d like to better understand what the people in your church are thinking related to the proposed Protocol for Separation.

The Crossroads Survey is the perfect next step.


The Crossroads Survey provides the data-driven leadership insight you need.

The complete Crossroads Survey process includes:

  • An easy-to-access 7-10 minute online survey specifically crafted for United Methodist congregations
  • Step-by-step Launch Plan for introducing and deploying the Crossroads Survey to your church Leadership tips for how to maximize survey participation
  • An online dashboard where you can track progress and view results
  • Your own customized report available immediately upon survey completion, including specific leadership recommendations based on your church’s results
  • The downloadable Clarity Framework tool, designed to help you develop your next steps

All survey responses are 100% anonymous, meaning you won’t be able to connect responses with specific individuals in your church. And, the dashboard of your congregation’s results is only visible to you through your Crossroads Survey login.


Visit crossroadssurvey.com to purchase the Crossroads Survey. After purchase, you will get access to the launch resources that will guide you step-by-step through the process of preparing your congregation for the survey, communicating about the survey, receiving survey responses, and analyzing results.

We made the connection with Auxano through our ongoing efforts to inform and serve United Methodist local congregations regarding the upcoming changes in the denomination. We believe that the Crossroads Survey is a great tool for UM clergy and leaders. We recommend that all of the UM churches we work with use the Crossroads Survey as a part of their change management process.

The one-time investment required for your entire church to take the Crossroads Survey is based on church
size (average pre-COVID weekend attendance). Prices shown are per church, NOT per person..

  • $149 (less than 100)
  • $249 (100-299)
  • $349 (300-749)
  • $449 (750+)

There are a few demographic questions (age, level of participation in the church, etc.) and then a few questions about the specific issues at the heart of the Protocol for Separation. You can see some sample questions on the Crossroads Survey website at crossroadssurvey.com

It was developed by an independent church consulting organization called Auxano.
They are not connected with the United Methodist denomination.