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Temples, Churches and Other Religious Organizations Win Civil Rights Lawsuits Against Local Communities

Bloomfield Hills, MICH. – A Hindu faith community based near Philadelphia is among the latest in a trend toward growing numbers of religious organizations successfully defending constitutionally granted civil rights in a land use case against a United States municipality. The Adhi Parasakthi Charitable, Medical, […]

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Breaking News: the 9th Circuit Finds a City Zoning Scheme Creates a Substantial Burden

In a published opinion released just hours ago, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals released its decision in International Church of the Foresquare Gospel v. City of San Leandro, Case No. 09-15163 where the Court reversed the decision of the lower court who granted summary […]

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The Equal Terms Provision of RLUIPA

Congress provided a separate section of RLUIPA, known as the “equal terms” provision at 42 USC 15 2000cc-(b)(1), which provides that: “No government shall impose or implement a land use regulation in a manner that treats a religious assembly or institution on less than equal […]

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So What is a “Substantial Burden” Within RLUIPA?

The term “substantial burden” in RLUIPA has confused and divided lower courts since it first appeared in the Act

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RLUIPA and the “Effective Exclusions” of Religious Uses through Zoning

One recent trend in religious land use issues that we have found is when a community effectively excludes a religious use through zoning. The typical scenario occurs when a community permits zoning in a district knowing that there is no land available to build a […]

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Understanding RLUIPA

RLUIPA, passed by a unanimous Congress in 2000 and signed into law by President Clinton, was proposed and enacted by Congress in response to actions taken by local government to exclude houses of worship within communities.

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As noted in the Alliance Defense Blog, in Hazel Park, Michigan, city authorities have been doing their red-tape best to gerrymander a local congregation, Salvation Temple Church, out of the district. Happily, a federal judge is making it her business to introduce the town fathers […]

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Dalton Tomich Files a New Lawsuit Based on Witness Retaliation

As reported in today’s Detroit Free Press, Dalton & Tomich filed a new lawsuit yesterday arising out of Worth Township retaliating against its former chair of the Zoning Board of Appeals who testified against the Township as a subpoenaed witness in the landmark case of […]

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New RLUIPA Suit Filed; Salvation Temple Church v. City of Hazel Park

Salvation Temple Church, is a Christian Church that entered into a purchase agreement for the purchase of property known as 25000 N. Chrysler Dr., Hazel Park, Michigan. The property, vacant since 2002 and last used as a banquet facility,

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United States Supreme Court Considers RLUIPA Damages Case

In the very near future, the United States Supreme Court will hear oral argument in Sossamon v. Texas, (Docket No. 08-1438, cert. granted 5/24/2010)

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