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Who is responsible for trees on a property line in Michigan?

One of the most common questions we receive on property line or easement related question is who is a responsible for trees on a property line. Imagine the scenario where you own land and have a tree near the property line. A large branch grows […]

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Methodist Bishops Invalidate the Exit Plan

  There is an old adage in business that is equally applicable to the leaders within the current United Methodist Church: The institution will preserve the institution at the cost of driving out the members who it seeks to serve.  In other words, institutions preserve […]

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Michigan Court of Appeals “Restricts” Restrictive Covenants

Restrictive covenants limit what an owner can do with real property. As such, they are disfavored by the legal system. Thus, when a court interprets restrictive covenants, it will do so narrowly. If a restrictive covenant is not written clearly, a court may not enforce […]

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What is a Buy Sell Agreement?

Buy Sell Agreements are also called shareholder agreements, shareholder restriction agreements, and are sometimes simply provisions of an operating agreement of an LLC. A buy sell agreement is akin to a pre-nuptial agreement between business owners.  What it does is set out the parameters of […]

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If You Live in a Subdivision That Contains a Lake, You Likely Have Rights in That Water

When it comes to owning interest in land that includes or touchesan inland lake or stream, the law in Michigan is clear: you are considered a riparian landowner. Generally speaking, a riparian landowner holds a bundle of rights, also known as riparian property rights. These […]

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Tips for Appearing Before a Planning Commission

If you would like to develop land, chances are you will need to appear before a planning commission at some point. Appearing before the commission can be an intimidating experience. Even those who’ve appeared before the commission many times make mistakes. While no two planning […]

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Church Secures Right to Worship and $225,000 in Settlement with the City of Markham, IL

For more than six years, the City of Markham fought our client, the Church of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in both state and federal court over the church’s right to continue meeting in its sanctuary at 16018 S. Spaulding Avenue. We asserted the […]

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Moving Forward after the Methodist Annual Conferences

Most of the United Methodist Church annual conferences are over and the delegates are selected for the next General Conference in Minneapolis in 2020.  The question is what does the result of the annual conferences mean for the local church. Is it time to consider […]

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Talking about RLUIPA to the Arizona Bar Association: Why do we need RLUIPA when we have the Free Exercise and Establishment Clauses in the First Amendment?

I had the opportunity to talk with attorneys in Arizona about Religious Land Use and Zoning at the annual meeting of the Arizona Bar Association and was asked to address the question of why do we need RLUIPA when we have the Free Exercise and […]

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First Batch of Redevelopment Zone Detroit Liquor Licenses Approved

Crain’s Detroit Business reporter Kurt Nagl wrote in May about about the City of Detroit seeking approval for 20 new liquor licenses through the Redevelopment Area Liquor Licenses that were made available through the State of Michigan. Though the matter was on the agenda for […]

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