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We are experienced attorneys offering innovative and collaborative legal solutions that grow businesses and banks, expand churches, and build nonprofit organizations. Our blog features insight into recent case decisions, advice for budding entrepreneurs and established leaders, as well as commentary on other aspects of the legal profession that we find interesting. Welcome. Please let us know what you think.

Does RLUIPA Protect Churches Against Eminent Domain Proceedings?

In recent years, several states have announced plans to begin constructing high-speed railway systems within their borders in an effort to create more efficient means of travel. These plans have begun to cause concern for private landowners who worry the states may resort to condemning […]

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Dan Dalton appointed to the Board of Directors of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Oakland and Macomb Counties

Congratulations to Dan Dalton, who was recently appointed to the Board of Directors to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Oakland and Macomb Counties. The Boys and Girls Clubs of Oakland and Macomb County serves over 2700 club members age six through eighteen through locations in Oakland and Macomb […]

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Development along the California Coast

It has been reported that the Board of Directors of the California Coastal Commission removed its director for performance issues. While the merits of his removal have been largely debated, most people do not understand the role of the California Coastal Commission with respect to […]

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Does the First Amendment Protect You From the Government’s Intent to Retaliate?

Most Americans believe that the First Amendment protects our free speech from government retaliation. And in most cases that belief is generally true. But sometimes cases with strange facts have the potential to produce strange decisions. For example, in a case where the government demoted […]

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Does RLUIPA apply to a religious cemetery?

In what may be the next battleground with RLUIPA, a state district court in Minnesota ruled that the decision to deny a Conditional Use Permit for a religious cemetery was arbitrary and capricious. As a result, the Court granted the Plaintiff declaratory relief. A copy […]

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The five land use issues we learned in Austin

Last week, Kate Brink, Larry Opalewski and I attended the ALI Eminent Domain Land Use conference in Austin, Texas.  In addition to giving Zana Tomich a well-deserved break from listening to land use attorneys talking about zoning issues, we had a wonderful time in Austin […]

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Does Big Data apply to the Small Business?

Big data, or data collection, are buzz words we read or hear about on a daily basis. Some of the world’s largest and most profitable companies, known for their cutting edge technology, search engines, software, and high-demand products are really in the business of collecting, […]

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Emergency Repairs to Land in California and the Exemption to CEQA

With the recent rains and wet weather generated from the El Nino arising in the Pacific Ocean, property owners in California may be facing property damage arising from eroding land on cliffs and in valleys. Normally, in order to make repairs, a land owner would […]

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When zoning enforcement goes too far

When does a community go too far in enforcing its zoning ordinances?  A recent Michigan Court of Appeals decision answered this question in a recent case where a Township sought a court Order to remove three buildings built without zoning permits and not only lost, […]

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Injunction Against Online Communication Violates First Amendment

Last week, the Florida Court of Appeal struck down an injunction from the trial court which ordered a billionaire businessman to stop posting online about another billionaire businessman. The Court found that the injunction constituted a prior restraint on free speech, and thus could not […]

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