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We are experienced attorneys offering innovative and collaborative legal solutions that grow businesses and banks, expand churches, and build nonprofit organizations. Our blog features insight into recent case decisions, advice for budding entrepreneurs and established leaders, as well as commentary on other aspects of the legal profession that we find interesting. Welcome. Please let us know what you think.

Church Land Use Case: Grace Ministry Center, Kimball Township, MI

Grace Ministry Center of Kimball Township (Port Huron, MI.), is a nondenominational religious organization that operates a church, daycare center, and youth ministry in the Port Huron Factory Shops outlet mall. After nine years as faithful tenants, the Church was informed that Storage of America […]

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Donation and Recycling Bins: A Brief Review of the Industry

The law firm of Dalton & Tomich PLC has become a leader in defending the rights of donation bin owners to place collection bins, who receive used clothes and shoes, and redistribute them throughout the world for people in need.  A brief explanation of this […]

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Even a former President needs to secure a building permit

An article published in the New York Times recently highlighted the need to secure building permits prior to remodeling a home or commercial building. According to the author, Steve Edor, Former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary Hillary Clinton began extensive renovations on their new […]

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Judge Halts Overtime Rule

  • November 23, 2016
  • by Zana Tomich
  • Category: Firm News

A federal judge halted the new “overtime rule” set to go into effect on December 1, 2016. I wrote about the overtime rules and the suit filed by 21 states and 50 business groups to stop the law from going into effect, here. U.S. District […]

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New Administration Brings Uncertainty for Business

With the uncertainty of the 2016 general election behind us, the votes counted in President-elect Trump’s favor, and both chambers of Congress controlled by the same political party, one would think we would have more clarity as to the changes in the law that lie […]

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New Legislation Expands Use of Conditional Liquor Licenses

There is some good news for Michigan restaurants trying to obtain a liquor license. On November 3, Governor Rick Snyder signed into law Public Act 315 of 2016, which amends the Michigan Liquor Code and expands the use of Conditional Liquor Licenses. As many restaurateurs […]

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Why You Need an Attorney

  • November 15, 2016
  • by Lawrence Opalewski
  • Category: Firm News

  When most people think of attorneys, they think of lawsuits. They think of courtrooms, juries, dramatic witnesses, and guilty verdicts. This makes many people think they only need an attorney when they are involved in a lawsuit or a crime. But in reality, you […]

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Detroit Land Use & Zoning

In addition to the land use and zoning work that we do for religious organizations around the United States, and the donation and collection bin cases wherein we have successfully asserted First Amendment Free Speech claims, we have been working with local property owners and […]

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Sign Ordinances and RLUIPA:East End Eruv Association, Inc. v. Town of Southampton

East End Eruv Association, Inc. (“EEEA”) is a non-profit corporation formed to coordinate efforts toward promoting the construction of an eruv. The eruv was set to travel through three municipalities: Southampton, Westhampton Beach, and Quogue, New York. An eruv is an unbroken demarcation or delineation […]

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Employers Should Prepare for DOL Rules on Exempt Employees and Overtime Effective Dec. 1, 2016

Back in May, I wrote about the newly issued Department of Labor Regulations regarding increased salary thresholds for exempt employees and overtime. In September 2016, Attorney Generals from 21 states, including Michigan, filed suit in the Eastern District of Texas against the United States Department […]

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