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City of Detroit severely limits short-term residential rentals

UPDATE: Multiple local media outlets are reporting that City officials will not immediately enforce the zoning ordinance pending a review by the City Law Department. We’ll be sure to provide an update once we hear more.   In a surprising move, the city of Detroit […]

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Do Religious Organizations Need to Apply for Tax Exempt Status?

One might logically assume that the Religion Clauses provide the underlying basis for why churches and religious organizations are tax-exempt. However, churches in this great nation enjoyed tax exemptions even before the First Amendment was adopted.[i] Many have challenged congressional enactments that specifically exempted church […]

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RLUIPA Land Use Trial Outcomes

Have you ever wondered how many RLUIPA land use cases have occurred since Congress unanimously passed the law (the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act) in 2000?  Are you curious about the outcomes? Recently, we were asked to provide a Court with a list […]

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Challenging the Methodist Trust Clause: Mead Community Church v. The Pacific Northwest Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

Established in the 1880’s, Mead Community Church is a small church near Spokane, Washington who desires to follow orthodox biblical theology that has been confirmed in the United Methodist Book of Discipline for the past 40 years.  Unfortunately, Mead Church is located within the Methodist […]

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What qualifies as a “Religious Institution” under RLUIPA

The issue of defining the term “religious institution” and determining whether an entity is a religious institution under RLUIPA (the Religious Land Use & Institutionalized Persons Act) is a question not frequently raised but important to consider in the context of a religious land use […]

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This Religious-Freedom Fight is Remaking America: RLUIPA in the Spotlight

There are churches all across America that have closed their doors or given up on their missions when they didn’t have to. And in many cases they did it just because they weren’t aware of a federal law that guaranteed their right to do exactly […]

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Intent of the Donor: Can a Court Order a Refund?

Churches are non-profit organizations that rely on the generosity of the public and their members, through stewardship, volunteerism, and donations in order to operate. Beyond day-to-day operations, typically churches will create a fund when raising money for a particular purpose. It seems as if every […]

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Approving a Religious Training, Resort and Convention Center: RLUIPA and the Morris Cerullo Legacy Center

On October 18, 2017, the City of San Diego City Council voted 7-2 to approve the Morris Cerullo Legacy Center (“MCWE “) in San Diego after it previously voted the month prior 5-4 to reject the proposal. In conjunction with the law firm of Galuppo […]

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Church of Our Savior dedicates its new building after RLUIPA case win

Congratulations to our client and friends at Church of Our Savior in Jacksonville Beach, Florida on the October 22, 2017 grand opening of their new Church facility. The team at Dalton & Tomich, PLC is so very honored and happy to have had the opportunity […]

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A five-step plan to protect the local Methodist church

It has been a privilege serving as legal counsel for the Wesleyan Covenant Association (the WCA).  Having been a signer of the Atlanta statement in 2014, an attender of the Chicago conference in 2016 and the Houston Conference in 2017, it is a pleasure to […]

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