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Dalton & Tomich PLC represents a myriad of clients with a varying degree of complexity, from large community banks with assets near a billion dollars, to religious institutions throughout the United States in land use and Church property disputes.  We also represent technology companies; marketing, design, and advertising agencies; clients in the food & beverage industry; and land use and zoning developers in Michigan.  Our firm is nimble enough to move quickly on your legal needs and cost effective in achieving the results that clients seek.

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Dalton & Tomich Achieves Victory at Trial in Latest RLUIPA Case Nov 26, 2014

On November 25, 2014, District Judge Timothy Corrigan from the Middle District of Florida ruled in favor of Church of Our Savior in its religious land use lawsuit against the City of Jacksonville Beach, Florida. The Court held that the City violated RLUIPA’s Equal Terms Clause when it twice denied conditional use permit applications submitted by the Church to operate in a residential zone, but granted permits for a Montessori school to operate in the same zone. Church of Our Savior (the Church) is a Beaches area Anglican congregation that was founded in 2006. For the last few years, the Church has worshipped at a local historic chapel in Jacksonville Beach that it rents from the local historical society. Under... [Read More]

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