The attorneys of Dalton & Tomich represent leading businesses, religious organizations and financial institutions throughout the nation in the area of complex litigation, general counsel and land use matters, including:

Dalton & Tomich PLC represents a myriad of clients with a varying degree of complexity, from large community banks with assets near a billion dollars, to religious institutions throughout the United States in land use and Church property disputes.  We also represent technology companies; marketing, design, and advertising agencies; clients in the food & beverage industry; and land use and zoning developers in Michigan.  Our firm is nimble enough to move quickly on your legal needs and cost effective in achieving the results that clients seek.

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When Does Your Nonprofit Need an Attorney? Jul 27, 2015

If you are on the board of a nonprofit, you already know that there are some situations where your organization will need an attorney. However, most nonprofits do not realize many of the areas where an attorney can drastically minimize risk for the nonprofit, and thus save resources. Further, many also do not realize the importance of selecting an attorney who has experience working with nonprofits and thus can understand the unique needs of these organizations. Here are some common ways in which an experienced nonprofit attorney can help your organization. 1.     Formation. To start, your nonprofit really needs an attorney before it even exists. An attorney will help you draft or review your articles of incorporation, your bylaws, and... [Read More]

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