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Dalton & Tomich PLC represents a myriad of clients with a varying degree of complexity, from large community banks with assets near a billion dollars, to religious institutions throughout the United States in land use and Church property disputes.  We also represent technology companies; marketing, design, and advertising agencies; clients in the food & beverage industry; and land use and zoning developers in Michigan.  Our firm is nimble enough to move quickly on your legal needs and cost effective in achieving the results that clients seek.

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The status of the Church of Our Savior trial Oct 27, 2014

Many of you have asked how the trial in Church of Our Savior v. Jacksonville Beach, Florida ended.  The Court has taken the matter under advisement and we are waiting on a decision.  By way of background, Church of Our Savior, a small Anglican congregation that has worshiped in six different locations since it began in 2006, sought conditional use approval from the City of Jacksonville Beach to build a house of worship on one of the last remaining vacant parcels in the City. Over a series of evaluations, meeting, deposition and trial the City Planning staff recommended approval of the use on eight separate occasions.  The Planning Commission refused to adopt the recommendation of the professional staff, an event... [Read More]

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